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GRV Media partners with Primis to grow UK foothold

GRV Media partners with Primis to grow UK foothold

Primis, the Video Discovery platform for publishers and founders of, have announced its new partnership deal with GRV Media, a UK publisher & ad tech provider. This new contract solidifies the two companies' continuous partnership agreement until the end of 2024.

GRV Media has almost 20 years of industry experience, specializing mainly in sports, gaming, and entertainment categories. While working with Primis over the course of the last year and a half, GRV Media has seen promising growth and continued success. Year over year, GRV's video RPMs increased by almost 90% from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023 as a result of the increase in video plays per page by over 18%, viewability metrics by 21%, and technical deployment improvements.

With over 70 sites and 185 million users, GRV Media is looking forward to the continued relationship between the two companies.

Graham Morris, Co-founder and CEO, GRV Media: "Since we began working with Primis in June 2022, we've played almost one billion of our own videos with Primis' Video Discovery engine. Our two companies have built a great foundation over the last year and see this partnership as the next step and a great opportunity for continued mutual growth and success," said Morris.

Matan Agi, EMEA Lead of Business Development, Primis: "This partnership agreement solidifies our pre-existing relationship with GRV Media and supports our foothold in the UK market. The Primis team is pleased to have the opportunity to continue to achieve monetized video solutions for GRV's users and advertising partners."