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VIZIO launches business unit to bolster content offering

VIZIO launches business unit to bolster content offering

VIZIO Ads has announced the launch of the VIZIO Branded Content Studio (VBCS), a new business unit created to bring fresh content offerings to millions of VIZIO viewers.

 The new division will be responsible for developing a slate of data-informed programming across a variety of formats and deliver entertainment we know viewers will enjoy.

VIZIO first tested the VBCS model with the premiere of 3 Pointers, a short form series featuring Man vs. Food host Casey Webb and sponsored by BetMGM. Each episode features sports-themed recipes, beverages, and entertainment hacks designed to elevate the game-day viewing experience, with brand messaging from BetMGM seamlessly woven throughout each episode.

A preview of the VBCS slate includes:

Clean Break: Michelle Hobgood the Tiny Trainer reveals organizational tips and tricks that are functional, not flawless. Stemming from the popular TikTok trend, organizing hacks are now presented on the biggest screen in the home in an exclusive series created for the DIY’er.

Island Eats: Travel enthusiasts and unique food lovers are taken on a journey to the most exclusive, hard-to-get-to places in the Caribbean. Each episode explores the flavors and textures of the deep blue sea with ocean-side cuisine you have to see, and catch, to believe.

City Limits: Discover the adventure that lies just outside the limits of your favorite city. Every episode our host will take you just outside of the city to explore something unique that is definitely NOT on your agenda.

From the Ground Up: Comedian Rance Nix takes business lovers on a mission to spotlight industry experts and entrepreneurs, ranging from food to fashion, culinary and retail. Each episode will tell the story of a passionate creator and the journey from an idea to launching a successful business.

Steve DeMain, VP Branded Content and Sponsorships, VIZIO: “VBCS is the natural evolution for our team to offer advertisers an opportunity to authentically communicate the voice and value of their brand, into stories that resonate with VIZIO viewers. With a data-informed understanding of what our viewers are interested in, VBCS is uniquely positioned to offer a solution that few others can: a custom, exclusive branded content series that brings brands into the story and entertainment that consumers want to watch.”