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Titan Channel Partners with TVCoins to transform the combat sports streaming experience news

Titan Channel Partners with TVCoins to transform the combat sports streaming experience

Combat sports is a form of entertainment and competition that has captured the attention of millions of people around the world. Until now, however, these live events were often limited to pay-per-view television broadcasts, subscription services, or physical attendance.

Titan Channel is introducing the Titan Channel+ app. Developed by white-label streaming platform provider, TVCoins, the app leverages FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) and AVOD (Advertising-Based Video on Demand) models – which put the power in viewers' hands by allowing them to enjoy the most exciting combat sporting matches at no cost.

The partnership with Spain-based Titan Channel marks TVCoins' debut in the European market. All of the network's content is broadcasted in Spanish, with major distribution throughout the regions of Spain and Latin America.

Since launching its platform, TVCoins has gained significant momentum within the Latin American market by enabling new revenue streams for a growing number of content owners across Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and more. Companies that partner with TVCoins are able to launch direct-to-consumer applications for mobile devices, web and Connected TV (CTV), increasing their ability to monetize content through direct and programmatic in-stream advertising.

Gustavo Marra, President, TVCoins: "Titan Channel+ is the only offering of this kind in Latin America, so we are very proud to have developed a platform that allows them to remain leaders in their field. The channel features a variety of sporting franchises followed by millions of fans around the world, and technology like ours allows the passion for this sport to grow among new and existing audiences.”

Titan Channel+ viewers will have free access to an extensive library of classic fights, live events and exclusive content from groups like ONE Championship, Global Combat, M1 Global, Enfusion, BRAVE, RWS, GROMDA, World of Titans and many more. One of the biggest attractions is Global Combat, the first American sports franchise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which is popular among avid fighting enthusiasts.

Borja Rupérez, CEO, Titan Channel: "Our deal with TVCoins is a game changer for our viewers and combat sports fans everywhere. We've shifted from a subscription model to the highly demanded ad-supported format, so now our content can be viewed for free. By downloading Titan Channel+, fans everywhere have access to the most exciting matches covering MMA, Lethwei, Muay Thai, Bare Knuckle, Boxing, and more.”

Titan Channel and TVCoins are changing the game with Titan Channel+. The app is now available via a web application and downloadable on iOS, Android and CTV devices including Samsung and Roku.