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Proximus strengthens performance marketing & innovation in partnership with WPP Group and Springbok news

Proximus strengthens performance marketing & innovation in partnership with WPP Group and Springbok

Proximus is pleased to announce a new phase in its ongoing commitment to digital innovation and enhancing consumer experiences. After a rigorous selection process for a partner in Performance marketing, Proximus has chosen to collaborate with two distinguished agencies, WPP and Springbok, to further strengthen its performance marketing initiatives.

Proximus underwent a significant organizational transformation, emphasizing the importance of digital technology and agile methodologies throughout the company. To align with these changes, Proximus decided to redefine the scope of its digital agency, starting in 2024. Fostering the strong SILK ecosystem that started 5 years ago Proximus recognized the need for agency assistance to maximize paid & unpaid campaign performance, to collaborate with its internal studio and to infuse fresh innovation. To achieve these goals, Proximus aims to reinforce its collaboration with the WPP group and will integrate Springbok into their ecosystem. 

The Scope of the Collaboration

The collaboration with the WPP group will be reinforced by adding Hogarth, future-proof production solution, to the SILK ecosystem – next to the existing partnership with FamousGrey and Essence Mediacom. WPP will now also be managing the performance marketing aspects of paid advertising, all driven by a continuously optimized and automated machine.  

Springbok, a top-notch digital & creative agency with expertise in performance marketing and automation, will manage the unpaid advertising part. Springbok will work closely with Proximus and the SILK ecosystem to enhance our direct marketing (e-mail, push notifications) campaigns and to deliver data-driven and innovative strategies.

Tim Colman, Head of Performance Campaigns and Innovation, Proximus: "We are thrilled to welcome the extended WPP team and Springbok to our team. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to remain a frontrunner in performance marketing. We are confident that their expertise and innovative approaches are a perfect fit for our mission and will drive high business impact."

​​Sammy Colson, CEO, Springbok: ''I am very excited and proud to partner with Belgium’s leading telecoms network. The opportunity to work closely with WPP Group for Proximus is a perfect match that seamlessly combines our expertise and will propel Proximus to new heights.''

Proximus is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences, and this strategic partnership with WPP and Springbok underscores its commitment to innovation, quality, and personalization in the performance marketing space.

A pitch guided with profound expertise 

In navigating Proximus through the agency selection process, Pitchpoint played a crucial role to ensure the identification of the best fitting agencies.

Aurélie Denayer, Director Branding Communication and Media, Proximus: ''We express our gratitude to Pitchpoint for their valuable guidance during the agency pitch, assisting us in making the optimal choice for our specific scope.''


Proximus Group (Euronext Brussels: PROX) is a provider of digital services, communication and ICT solutions operating in the Belgian and international markets. Our purpose, ‘Boldly building a connected world that people trust so society blooms’, is our guiding star in delivering delightful communication and entertainment experiences for residential consumers and in enabling next generation digital innovations tailored to businesses.

Proximus aims to build the #1 gigabit network for Belgium, combined with technology assets that enable digital ecosystems, while fostering an engaging culture and empowering ways of working. These exceptional strengths pave the way to deliver long-term value for stakeholders; they allow Proximus to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable digital society, delight customers with an unrivalled experience and achieve profitable growth both locally and internationally.

In Belgium, Proximus’ core products and services are offered under the Proximus, Mobile Vikings and Scarlet brands. The Group is also active in Luxembourg, under the brand names Tango and Telindus Luxembourg, and in the Netherlands through Telindus Netherlands. The Group’s international carrier activities are managed by BICS, a leading international communications enabler, one of the key global voice carriers and the leading provider of mobile data services worldwide. With Telesign, the Group also encompasses a fast-growing leader in authentication and digital identity services, serving the world’s largest internet brands, digital champions and cloud native businesses.

With 11,634 employees, imbued with Proximus' think possible mindset and all engaged to offer a superior customer experience, the Group realized an underlying Group revenue of EUR 5,909 million end-2022.


Springbok is a digital & creative agency for positive growth, operating from 6 offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. With over 360 dedicated experts, Springbok’s services include innovative solutions to improve email marketing campaigns and drive innovation. 


A unique ecosystem of media and communication partners brings together Proximus' strategic, creative, and digital expertise in an agile and innovative operational model. This way of working enables Proximus to unlock significant creative power and flexibility, to face the fast-evolving needs of its customers.


WPP is a global leader in advertising, marketing, and communication services. With a vast network of agencies and a focus on innovation, WPP helps brands succeed in the fast-paced digital world.