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Loop Media partners with First Canadian GPO as it continues to expand Canadian distribution footprint

Loop Media partners with First Canadian GPO as it continues to expand Canadian distribution footprint

Loop Media, Inc., a multichannel streaming platform that provides curated music video, sports, news and entertainment television channels for businesses, has announced a new partnership with First Canadian GPO, a group purchase organization that helps small and medium-sized businesses find immense savings on supplies and services.

With this partnership, First Canadian GPO will begin offering Loop’s proprietary Loop Player and Loop TV service to its 7,000 members, providing these businesses with a new way to engage with customers using both television channels, and digital signage.

Tara Kolakowski, Co-Head of Growth Marketing & Distribution, Loop Media: “To remain competitive, businesses need to find ways to engage customers and keep them entertained. Our new partnership with First Canadian GPO will help its members create experiences that align with their customers’ values to drive loyalty and positive brand affinity.”

First Canadian GPO serves members across various industries and in 800 cities and towns throughout Canada. The company continuously works to identify partners that can offer high-quality products to its members at the most competitive prices. Loop Media emerged as a logical partner for First Canadian GPO's members, as it not only provides outstanding music and entertainment television channels and digital signage but also provides its services at no cost to businesses. This collaboration benefits all parties involved, fostering new opportunities for growth and enhancing customer engagement.

Matt Toews, CEO, First Canadian GPO: "First Canadian is excited to present Loop Media's Loop TV streaming video service to our extensive network of 7,000 members. Our mission is to provide the finest deals on products for our members and their teams. Partnering with Loop Media ensures that they not only benefit from a complimentary service but also have the opportunity to reap attractive cash rewards – an exceptional advantage for small- and medium-sized businesses."

The partnership with First Canadian GPO is the second, and largest, international distribution deal that Loop Media has signed in the past two months. In March, the company launched its TikTok television channel with St. Louis Bar & Grill in their 75 locations across Canada.

Brett Boyke, Co-Head of Growth Marketing and Distribution, Loop Media: “Our partnership with First Canadian GPO is an important next step for us as we continue looking to grow our international footprint.”

Loop Media is committed to providing premium entertainment options in out-of-home environments to businesses across the globe. The company’s continued expansion into Canada highlights its growth as it continues to expand outside the United States. Loop TV currently has more than 57,000 active screens across the United States, and over 2 billion monthly video impressions.