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Loop Media announces two Disney music video channels

Loop Media announces two Disney music video channels

Loop Media, Inc., a multichannel streaming platform that provides curated music video, sports, news and entertainment channels for businesses, has announced two streaming channels featuring music videos from Disney for Loop-enabled digital-out-of-home (“DOOH”) venues.

The two channels, Disney Hits and Lofi Minnie, are available now through Loop’s proprietary Loop Player for business.

Loop’s Disney Hits channel features music videos from the “Happiest Place on Earth” and includes music from Disney animated features such as Frozen and Encanto, as well as the Disney+ Series, ZOMBIES, and more. The Lofi Minnie channel includes iconic Disney hits featuring some of Minnie’s favorite songs, all reimagined by top artists in the low fidelity or “lofi” space. The channel’s vibe is perfect for people looking to unwind.

Darcy Fulmer, SVP, Head of Music, Loop Media: “We are thrilled to add the magic of Disney-branded music to Loop TV. These two channels include the most revered songs from Disney television shows and movies, and we are pleased they are now part of the Loop channel lineup.”