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Entravision ignites Phoenix airwaves with launch of Fuego 106.7 FM

Entravision ignites Phoenix airwaves with launch of Fuego 106.7 FM

Entravision Communications Corporation announced the launch of Fuego 106.7 FM, marking a significant milestone in the realm of radio broadcasting in Phoenix. As a vibrant celebration of culture and music, Fuego 106.7 FM emerges as the premier destination for the dynamic and thriving Latino community in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

With a steadfast commitment to Latino diversity, vibrancy, and community engagement, Fuego 106.7 FM presents a carefully curated fusion of Latin Urban beats and Musica Mexicana rhythms, capturing the essence of today’s hottest stars in the global music scene. This groundbreaking initiative underscores Entravision’s dedication to amplifying the voices and experiences of Latino youth, providing a dynamic platform where culture and creativity converge harmoniously.

Jeffery Liberman, President and COO, Entravision: ''We are thrilled to unveil Fuego 106.7 FM; it represents a milestone moment in our journey to connect with Latino audiences on a deeper level. Through the power of music and cultural storytelling, we aim to ignite passion, spark conversation, and foster a community where listeners and brands can connect, celebrate and be inspired.''

Fuego 106.7 FM will showcase a curated lineup featuring the hottest Latin hits from today’s most celebrated artists such as Peso Pluma, Karol G, Xavi, Anitta, Fuerza Regida and Bad Bunny. Designed to resonate with Arizona’s Latino bilingual and bicultural audience, the station complements Entravision’s top rated radio family in Phoenix, including La Suavecita KVVA 107.1 FM (Regional Mexican, 90s Grupero and Cumbia), and La Tricolor KLNZ 103.5 FM (Regional Mexican). Together, Entravision’s three-station radio cluster form a diverse and powerful radio ecosystem that caters to the diverse musical tastes of the local Latino community.

A bicultural and bilingual talent lineup on Fuego 106.7M, including Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo, Hector Millan, and Oscar “DJ Kazzanova” Cortes will deliver an immersive experience that resonates across generations and backgrounds.

Nestor Rocha, Vice President of Audio Programming, Entravision: ''Aimed at the growing Latino youth segment, Fuego 106.7 FM strategically taps into their influence in both cultural and ideological landscapes. This initiative provides a platform to elevate their voices and mobilize them toward community and civic issues, all while celebrating their culture through their love of music.''