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DoubleVerify launches programmatic pre-bid attention optimization segments to maximize campaign performance

DoubleVerify launches programmatic pre-bid attention optimization segments to maximize campaign performance

DoubleVerify, DV, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has announced the expansion of its performance solutions to include pre-bid attention optimization segments – enabling brands and agencies to maximize campaign performance at scale by identifying inventory characterized by high attention.

Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify: “As the demand for alternate performance currencies heats up, attention-based measurement is becoming increasingly essential to advertisers seeking to drive better outcomes. Now, DV is driving to close the performance loop by introducing programmatic pre-bid segments that enable brands to focus on media correlated with delivering stronger campaign metrics. We have already seen exceptional results, proving that our attention metrics have the power to drive meaningful business outcomes. Building on the success of DV's Authentic Attention®, an MRC-accredited measurement solution, we are excited to provide advertisers with innovative attention activation segments to further enhance campaign performance.”

DV’s Universal Attention Segments are powered by best-in-class machine learning and data from DV Authentic Attention®, the company’s flagship Attention solution. These industry-leading segments are updated daily and leverage all of DV’s attention data globally, offering brands a unique and easy-to-activate solution to avoid low-attention placements and improve performance by optimizing toward high-attention inventory.

Daniel Slotwiner, SVP of Attention, DoubleVerify: “Our new solution highlights our capacity to provide brands with an end-to-end approach to attention-based campaign performance. DV performance solutions now establish a continuous feedback loop between attention activation, measurement and optimization – ultimately enhancing campaign performance and business outcomes.”

Last month, DV appointed Slotwiner to oversee the company’s comprehensive attention initiatives, including product innovation, strategy, commercialization, and industry research and insights. Previously, Slotwiner led ad effectiveness research at Facebook for ten years, worked on competitive research at Google, and was VP of Measurement at GoPuff, focused on activating data for retail media.

DV’s new attention segments are available to all advertisers and are accessible across leading demand-side platforms, including Amobee, MediaMath and Invest DSP. Other DSPs will follow, including Adobe Advertising, DeepIntent, Quantcast and Viant.

Terence Freeman, Senior Director Partnerships, MediaMath: “DV's attention solution analyzes over 50 data points on the exposure of a digital ad and consumer’s engagement with a digital ad. To now bring that data into the media-buying environment is a game changer, enabling our advertisers to better optimize campaigns and ensure they're only buying top-performing media.”

Karim Rayes, Chief Product Officer, Tremor International and the parent company of Amobee: “DoubleVerify's pre-bid attention segments strengthen our platform’s holistic offering around attention, as it emerges as a key metric across the media ecosystem. This new offering will allow our clients to identify top-performing inventory and optimize performance through an easy and automated process.”

In the upcoming months, DV will launch Dynamic Attention Segments exclusive to its customers. In addition to attention insights, these segments will leverage each brand's existing media quality settings and specific performance data, allowing for customized optimizations based on the advertiser's unique profile. This will contribute to even greater improvements in campaign performance.

DV Authentic Attention® is an MRC-accredited and privacy-friendly measurement solution that does not rely on cookies. DV Authentic Attention analyzes over 50 data points at the impression level on the exposure of a digital ad and consumer’s engagement with a digital ad and device, in real-time. For exposure, DV evaluates an ad’s entire presentation, quantifying its intensity and prominence through metrics that include viewable time, share of the screen, video presentation, audibility, and more.

For engagement, DV analyzes key user-initiated events that occur while the ad creative is exposed, including user touches, screen orientation, video playback, and audio control interactions. Exposure and Engagement ladder up into the DV Attention Index, an overarching measure of attention that provides key insight into campaign performance.