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Wonderland joins Triple and code d'azur group to realize global ambitions

Wonderland joins Triple and code d'azur group to realize global ambitions

Wonderland, an award-winning brand identity and experience design studio, has officially joined forces with the international agency group formed by Triple and code d’azur in 2022. This alliance fortifies the group's presence in the industry, offering brands a holistic approach to brand identity and experience through integrated creativity, strategy, design, and technology.

The Triple and code d’azur group has built a strong international presence in key cities including Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Austin, Barcelona, Dubai, Gdansk, and Singapore. The agency group proudly collaborates with forward-thinking global brands such as Polestar, Under Armour, citizenM, and Philips.

As Wonderland becomes part of this union, they bring Brand Identity Design to the group's four core service pillars: Brand, Experience, Data, and Technology – enhancing the existing Brand Experience offering. 

Martijn van der Does, Founder & CEO of Wonderland: “When I started Wonderland, my primary goal was to produce work that felt and acted different, that stood out. It's the beauty of simplicity dancing with audacious execution. By joining the group, we now have the opportunity to expand our impact and redefine some industry norms on a larger scale together.“

This partnership not only amplifies the group's design capabilities but also solidifies its reputation as a creative and technological powerhouse.

Nik Nieuwenhuijs, CEO of code d’azur: “We are excited as Wonderland brings in incredible design capabilities. Martijn van der Does shares our entrepreneurial spirit, mindset, and a commitment to quality.“

With Wonderland's addition, the group now houses around 520 specialists spanning eight global offices. Daniel Sytsma, Executive Creative Director of code d’azur: "Our alliance positions us as an essential partner for clients navigating brand transformations or creating entirely new ventures. Together we can deliver boutique creativity on a global stage.