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Toyota teams up with comic-actor King Bach in ad campaign to celebrate the Corolla Hybrid

Toyota teams up with comic-actor King Bach in ad campaign to celebrate the Corolla Hybrid

Toyota has announced the release of the short brand film Getaway Driver, as part of its latest national ad and media campaign supporting the Corolla Hybrid.

The Corolla Hybrid Nightshade Edition, a style driven vehicle that is fun to drive, features a sporty exterior, 18-inch bronze finished wheels and blacked-out accents.

Presented together with SiriusXM, Getaway Driver was conceived and produced to appeal specifically to GenZ/Millennial consumers, and prominently features noted comic-actor "King Bach," a celebrated internet personality who commands an audience of over 25MM and 28MM followers on his Instagram and TikTok platforms, respectively. The humorous short film pays homage to the ever popular psycho-horror genre, and marks Bach's first foray into television commercial advertising.

Getaway Driver is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 25th at 4:00 p.m. CT on the Toyota YouTube channel, and Bach himself will be on-hand as part of a live chat, simultaneously engaging with viewers and fans via the platform.

Bach: "I'm thrilled about this unique opportunity to chat live and to engage real-time with my fans, as well as fans of cars and Toyota. I am humbled to be able to partner with such a respected and high quality brand, and can't wait for everyone to see the final video."

The film's 4.5-minute narrative opens with a panicked Bach making a desperate dash from a rundown, rural farmhouse in the woods, shrouded by night, with a chainsaw-wielding killer on his heels in hot pursuit. He has phoned a friend, saying simply, "I need to get away!," and the friend promptly arrives to rescue him, just in time, at the wheel of the Corolla Hybrid Nightshade AWD.

As the duo pulls away, the friend hilariously begins to describe the features of the 138 hp, all-wheel drive Corolla Hybrid, swiftly navigating the winding country roads and hills as a group of friends try to reunite with him in a Corolla Cross Hybrid Nightshade. For the Toyota brand, the new film short represents a fresh approach, and a fun take for heightening the promotion of the popular nameplate.

Jeff Buchanan, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Toyota: "Sometimes, we all need to stretch and push boundaries and just have a little fun. I think this over‐the‐top, humor‐driven creative execution of Getaway Driver for the Corolla Hybrid Nightshade does just that. The Corolla Hybrid is a fun‐to‐drive vehicle with a great design that offers excellent fuel economy, AWD, and of course, the quality and reliability that people expect when they buy a Toyota," he adds.

SiriusXM is a standard feature in all Toyota models sold in the Continental U.S., and Toyota customers receive a three-month subscription to SiriusXM® with the purchase of their vehicle that delivers SiriusXM®'s full lineup of exclusive and curated content, plus access to SiriusXM® outside the vehicles on the SiriusXM app.