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Sony launches brand campaign targeting creators news

Sony launches brand campaign targeting creators

Sony Group Corporation has launched a new brand campaign titled "Beyond The Screen: Torchlight's Space for Creativity" with the launch of brand website, and interviews and behind-the-scenes content on YouTube and social media.

As part of Sony's mission to "become a brand chosen by creators," Torchlight offers a space for filmmakers and creators to play with their ideas and find new ways to tell stories using its state-of-the-art advanced visualization facility and workflow. Located at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, Torchlight uses the latest proprietary technologies from Sony group companies in partnership with Epic Games' Unreal Engine, the world's most open and advanced real-time 3D tool, that assist the pre-production process.

At Torchlight, filmmakers are free to map out the location and progression of their story and explore new possibilities all in a virtual setting. This advanced visualization process allows for even more room for brainstorming, trial-and-error, and finding new expressions that filmmakers can take with them when they create their next work.

The Torchlight team consists of creators of different disciplines who assist and advise filmmakers in their creative exploration. One of the major ways the Torchlight team collaborates with creators is by constructing a real-life scale of the virtual setting of their idea and using camera rigs to walk through those worlds in real-time.

The content includes video interviews of members of the Torchlight team as well as producer, director, and writer Jake Kasdan talking about the significance of Torchlight in supporting creative exploration, as well as behind-the-scenes images of Torchlight at work. Footage includes scenes of Kasdan and the Torchlight team using the facility, PlayStation Studio's motion capture studio, and using mocopi™ motion capture system and other tools in various experimental/proof-of-concept projects to demonstrate Torchlight's capabilities.

This content is being released as a series of videos and static images on a dedicated website, Sony's official YouTube channel from January 31st. Sony will gradually release short videos and images on its official social channels Instagram, Threads, Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.