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Renault partners with Havas Play for a campaign on video gaming

Renault partners with Havas Play for a campaign on video gaming

To celebrate the launch of Renault 5 E-Tech 100% electric, Renault and Havas Play have crafted the #MODDER5 campaign. This innovative initiative, unprecedented in the gaming world for a car brand, enables players to add or change the original content of a game using mods.

Renault 5 invades a multitude of games 

The #MODDER5 campaign allows thousands of gamers to find the iconic Renault 5 in their favorite video games! The car has infiltrated a variety of games with vast communities of players around the world: Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Palword, Garry’s Mod, Stray, Stardew Valley, Subnautica, and also the metaverse experience The Sandbox

A collaboration with talented creators

Renault collaborated with renowned modding experts specialized in each video game. Like a street artist who transforms in public spaces, modders enhance the video gaming space.

 They brought Renault 5 to life in a unique way with mods, utilizing the plans and 3D models provided by the brand, respecting the specific graphic identities of each game.

A unique experience assimilating different game universes was imagined by modders to allow players to discover the Renault 5 electric model in various contexts like a hide and seek on Fortnite or a submarine version in the effigy of the vehicle on Subnautica.

An influence strategy to amplify the operation

To reach the maximum number of players and further establish themselves in the community, Renault has planned an influence campaign with the participation of 9 streamers with a large audience in France such as Horty, Grimkujow, Theorus, Mynthos. Moreover, this operation will be relayed across Europe by streamers in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Thomas Juan-Dané, partnerships and brand activations manager, Renault: “The launch of the Renault 5 E-Tech 100% electric marks the revival of the iconic model that has seduced generations of motorists. Like Renault 5, these generations have evolved.  Renault 5 is a pop culture icon and has its place at the heart of today’s most popular video games.

The #MODDER5 campaign represents an innovative and fun way to engage both the general public and gamers alike. The members of this community (modders, streamers, gamers, publishers, etc.) are extremely committed, which is why we wanted to give them a central role by making them players in our campaign.”

Fabrice Plazolles, Creative Director, Havas Play: “Integrate Renault 5 in so many different games was a real challenge in terms of production and craft. Whereas some perceive the video game as a singular entity, we believe that the gaming community is diverse, and each game deserves to be regarded as an individual media. That’s why we have chosen to replicate Renault 5 based on the DNA of each game, aiming to craft an experience which, on one hand, highlights the vehicle, and on the other hand, is just and engaging for each community. This operation is a world first for a car brand and Renault had to do it.”