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Pure Leaf and actress Lindsay Lohan launch campaign to promote tea break culture

Pure Leaf and actress Lindsay Lohan launch campaign to promote tea break culture

Workplace burnout has been felt for generations, but in a recent survey by Pure Leaf, the brand discovered that today's workers need to refresh and revitalize more than ever.

Why? Three in five workers struggle to take breaks during the workday, and more than half of workers feel too busy or interrupted by work to take a refreshing break. Nearly two-thirds of workers feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.

However, sixty-three percent (63%) of workers surveyed noted that when they do take quality breaks, they come back recharged for what's next.

 Pure Leaf is helping people unlock high-quality tea breaks to revitalize during the workday with expertly crafted, real-brewed iced tea with a bold tea taste and naturally occurring caffeine. Pure Leaf is teaming up with the multi-talented Lindsay Lohan to promote tea break culture across America.

Pure Leaf Tea Break Starring Lindsay Lohan: As an actress, producer, and mother, Lindsay exemplifies the power of prioritizing breaks to recharge and come back even stronger. In Pure Leaf's new spot, Lindsay brings this notion to life, encouraging employees throughout her office to take an unapologetic, delightful, relaxing, much-deserved tea break.

Lindsay Lohan: "We owe it to ourselves to take a moment each day to pause, recharge, and revitalize. I'm proud to partner with Pure Leaf to promote the importance of taking a daily tea break because no matter what you do, we all deserve the time to reset and refresh. For me, prioritizing breaks is essential for all of the roles I juggle, allowing me to return stronger and more restored."

A complimentary bottle of Pure Leaf Iced Tea for your next tea break offers drafted "away on a tea break" messages, data from the brand's "State of the Break" report, details on claiming a free bottle of Pure Leaf and research-backed tips in partnership with Mind Share Partners for making the most of your tea break.

To support the cultural shift toward better breaks at an organizational level, Pure Leaf is launching the Pure Leaf Tea Break Grant program also in partnership with Mind Share Partners.

This initiative will provide funding for small businesses and non-profits to implement break initiatives aimed at promoting employee revitalization.

Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager/VP - Pepsi Lipton Partnership North America: "At Pure Leaf, we are intentional about how we craft our delicious real brewed iced teas so you can feel refreshed and revitalized. We know a lot of people are not taking enough quality breaks during the workday, so we're launching the Pure Leaf Tea Break to remind people that a moment to reset is very important and revitalization is just a sip away with our delicious, iced teas made from a few high-quality, simple ingredients, and naturally occurring caffeine from tea leaves.”