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Philips Norelco taps Actor Adam Scott in new personal grooming campaign news

Philips Norelco taps Actor Adam Scott in new personal grooming campaign

Royal Philips, a global player in health technology, has announced a partnership with acclaimed actor and facial hair enthusiast Adam Scott.

Scott stars in a new campaign for shave and groom brand Philips Norelco that empowers audiences everywhere to reflect on their personal growth, starting with how they shape their facial hair.

The brand debuted a video featuring Scott getting ready for his next big role, in which he says he can achieve any facial hair style he wants for his character – whether it conjures up "sexy romantic lead or felon on the run" – by using Philips Norelco OneBlade.

Scott unpacks the relationship between acting, facial hair and the thrill of shaving, starting with a reflection on how he learned to shave by watching actors he admired shave in movies.

Adam Scott: "As a known shaver, I'm excited to be working with Philips Norelco to help people get their looks just right. Over the years I've done my fair share of trying different looks for acting roles. 'Guy With Sideburns That Meet In The Middle As A Mustache' is a particular favorite, though my family may disagree. With Philips Norelco shavers and groomers, I get the results I want every time."

Facial hair can make a real impact on an audience and subtly convey a personality, so it's important that the tools Scott – and people everywhere – choose be easy to use, trustworthy and engineered to last. This campaign builds on the brand's mission to help people develop smart habits with a portfolio of shavers and groomers that are all of those things.

Rafael Viestel da Silva, Grooming and Beauty Marketing Director, Philips: "At Philips Norelco, we believe every moment in your life – including every shave, trim and bold grooming choice – has shaped you into the person you are right now. As long-time fans of Adam's work, we are incredibly proud to partner with him to empower people to define their unique styles with confidence, just like Adam does, starting with the facial hair tools they use in their routines to look and feel good."

As a renowned actor, producer and writer across genres like drama, thriller, sitcom and animation, and as a father, husband, friend and diverse facial hair styler, Adam Scott knows what it means to adapt to different roles.

Throughout the campaign, Scott will spotlight Philips Norelco Shaver S9000 Prestige and Philips Norelco All-in-One Trimmer 9000 alongside Philips Norelco OneBlade 360. Fans will see more from Philips Norelco and Scott, with additional content to roll out over the remainder of the year.