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Pernod Ricard launches digital campaign for its responsible drinking initiative: Drink More Water news

Pernod Ricard launches digital campaign for its responsible drinking initiative: Drink More Water

Part of Pernod Ricard’s global Sustainability & Responsibility strategy, Good Times from a Good Place, the Drink More Water campaign, which launched internationally 3 years ago both through digital channels and on-the-field, is back with an even more disruptive second edition.

As “Créateurs de Convivialité,” Pernod Ricard has a long-standing commitment to promoting responsible drinking in a meaningful and authentic way, and through this campaign has demonstrated its desire to always go a step further.

Built on Pernod Ricard’s historical prevention programme Responsible Party, launched in 2009, Drink more water is a responsible drinking initiative tackling the issue of binge drinking among young adults. Its ambition is two-fold: to raise awareness among young adults about the risks of overconsumption of alcohol, and to reduce harm at events through the distribution of water.

The campaign, created in collaboration with the Buzzman agency and director Thomas Mailaender, aims to connect with GenZ audiences by adopting their own mindset, conveying an impactful and universal message. After a first and extremely successful campaign, present in over 60 countries globally both online and on-the-field, Drink More Water has gained over 400 million in reach across Instagram and Facebook, and over 9 million people on the field at festivals, carnivals, student gatherings and events.

This second edition of Drink More Water has gone one step further, in a visually impactful and audacious way, harnessing the power of marketing to prevent alcohol abuse. The chosen messaging seeks to strengthen the role of water and its power to reduce alcohol harm within GenZ’s excessive behavioral patterns.

 The consequences of excessive drinking can be clearly seen in the use of images and videos of people overconsuming water, in the place of alcohol, to discourage anyone from arriving at this point of desperation for hydration and poor decision making as a result of alcohol consumption. The message is clear and simple: Drink More Water before WTF!

And because impact is what really matters, Pernod Ricard aims at reaching 1 billion young adults digitally by the end of 2025.