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Partouche Multiverse launches The Joker Odyssey, an event dedicated to creativity at Cannes

Partouche Multiverse launches The Joker Odyssey, an event dedicated to creativity at Cannes

Partouche Multiverse, the innovation subsidiary of the Partouche Group, has announced the 1st edition of The Joker Odyssey, an event combining creativity and innovation, to be held during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity from June 17 to 21, 2024.

A Portal Between Creativity and Innovation

The Joker Odyssey is aimed at professionals in marketing, communication, design, tech, and anyone looking to be inspired and project into the future.

With The Joker Odyssey, Partouche Multiverse aims to push the boundaries of creativity, explore the potential offered by technologies, and create a bridge between creatives (brands, agencies) and tech explorers (AI, Web3). For five days, The Joker Odyssey offers a unique collaborative and exchange event space aboard a luxurious yacht moored in the heart of Jetée Albert Edouard among the official Cannes Lions accredited boats.

A Rich and Varied Program for Tomorrow's Pioneers

Thematic Conferences: Led by internationally renowned experts exploring the latest trends in creativity, innovation, and technology.

Networking Sessions: Fostering connections between participants and the emergence of new projects.

Original and Immersive Artistic Performances

Workshops and Masterclasses: Allowing participants to acquire new skills and put their knowledge into practice.

Tastings of Bordeaux Grand Crus and Champagne

Five Thematic Days

June 17 - Opening Day
Cocktail and speech by Matthieu Lorrain, Global Head of Creative Innovation at Google.

June 18 - Innovation Day
How are technological trends redefining businesses? Discussions on AI, automation, cryptocurrencies, etc.

June 19 - Creation Day
Impact of technology on creative processes. Program includes AI-assisted music, the reality of deepfakes, and neuroscientific inspiration.

June 20 - Entertainment Day
Technology and entertainment. Explore the evolution of games, tourism, and hospitality in the digital age.

June 21 - Disruption Day
Technology as a force or threat of social change? Explore its impact on key issues like climate change, sexuality, governance, citizen representation.

Each day is followed by evenings celebrating the underground music scene. Featuring around thirty artists, including international DJs, dancers, and performers, offering a unique artistic proposition.