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Nielsen enhances omnichannel campaign activations for advertising within marketing cloud

Nielsen enhances omnichannel campaign activations for advertising within marketing cloud

Nielsen has announced that they are making sweeping changes to their Nielsen Marketing Cloud solution to enable advertisers to activate against an omnichannel campaign strategy.

Marketers want to be able to buy audiences across all channels and are asking for independent, scaled and transparent based data to target their campaigns against.

Nielsen Marketing Cloud offers a powerful data management platform, analytic capabilities and rich proprietary Nielsen data sets.

Maureen Stapleton, International Commercial Leader, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, Nielsen: “Advertising technologies are transforming fast thanks to regulatory and business changes that enshrine consumer privacy as paramount, while customers still increasingly expect brands to have a holistic understanding of their preferences. It’s therefore crucial to have a omnichannel dataset that can be activated against both traditional display and video platforms and emerging mediums such as out-of-home and CTV, while empowering the consumer and their right to privacy. Our update to digital measurement, audience activation and analytics reflects the changing landscape and brings to life our vision of a streamlined, privacy-first advertising ecosystem of the future.”

Nielsen’s enhanced methodology supplies the programmatic ecosystem with audiences across a number of different digital marketing channels including display, video CTV, OOH, digital audio and social media. It will leverage all Nielsen-owned technology and datasets to ensure brands have the flexibility to quickly adjust to the ongoing changes in the technology landscape and to apply data in an omnichannel approach, even across emerging channels.

Miles Prichard, Managing Partner, Data Management Solutions, OMD: “At OMD EMEA we are always looking for new opportunities to enable omni-channel audience insight and targeting opportunities for our clients. We believe the loss of third party cookies provides a unique opportunity to review the fundamental principles of data-driven advertising and build something better. Nielsen offers personalisation at scale with an omni-channel delivery system. We’re excited to be able to work with Nielsen in developing future-facing solutions for our advertisers.”

Leveraging the breadth, depth and scale of Nielsen’s data, advertisers can now create a full omnichannel  marketing strategy and implement a consistent audience strategy across media for brands, as opposed to running siloed strategies across channels.

For example, advertisers in FMCG can leverage supermarket purchase data and activate that with audiences across CTV, radio, OOH, social and digital channels.

Privacy is increasingly important to consumers. Imminent changes to the ad-tech industry will create a more fragmented ecosystem with many types of digital identifiers.

Nielsen’s objective is to reimagine Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s activation in the post cookie era, enabling the ability to ingest, unify and activate at both a device and person level across the entire digital ecosystem. This paired with our privacy first approach will enable Media Owners, Agencies and Advertisers to continue to operate audience targeting, at scale.

Sophie Pemberton, Group Strategy Director, Talon Outdoor: “Talon’s recently launched collaboration with Nielsen brings a new level of data led targeting and cross channel activation to OOH than was ever possible before. By working together with one of the World’s leading data and measurement businesses, Talon are committed to simplifying audience targeting and generating evidence based insights so that our clients and agencies can reach the right people and ensure valuable consistency with their marketing communications. Nielsen help us to achieve this with their comprehensive cloud based solutions and their dedicated team of passionate experts.”

David Carpenter, Head of Digital, Goodstuff Communications: “In a fast changing world where all media is rapidly becoming more digital and by proxy, more targetable, the ability to have consistent data sets is going to be paramount to a campaign’s success. The functionality to use a single source of data signals across all media allows marketers to have more tailored media plans, ensuring efficient cross-media reach and allowing for better measurement of offline impact in line with digital measurement practices.”