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L’Oréal Paris and VIRUTE unveil first digital make-up experience for live video

L’Oréal Paris and VIRUTE unveil first digital make-up experience for live video

L’Oréal Paris and VIRTUE, the creative agency born from VICE, have announced the global launch of an interactive digital-only make-up experience that brings a new inventiveness to experimenting with make-up looks, all in the virtual reality space.

 The Signature Faces collection is co-created by famed L’Oréal Paris Global Make-up Artist Val Garland and 3D artists Ariel Lu and Sylvain Gaussens. Available on Google Duo, Snapchat, and Instagram, Signature Faces meets Gen Z where they’re increasingly spending their time – online. From video calls, to live streams, to social feeds.

L'Oréal Paris is launching one exclusive look on Google Duo, making it the first beauty brand to be implemented directly into Google's video conference system. The full collection is made available through Snap Camera.

This plugin enables users to activate and wear the digital looks on any of their desired video chat services and on Instagram and Snapchat.

Niklas Blum, product manager, Google Duo: "We created Duo to provide a high-quality video app that is easy to use across multiple platforms. Now, with the world collectively spending so much more time on video calls, we are thrilled to see companies such as L’Oréal Paris and VIRTUE utilizing this technology to push the boundaries of what's possible in their industry."

The Signature Faces filters are captured within three themes – volumizing capsules, plump shot, and fire match – comprising a total of 10 virtual filters, available only in the digital space.

 Users can play around with the innovative, digital textures, whose unique design means they move with the face on the screen, for an exhilarating, hyper-real look.

Pascal Rotteveel, Executive Creative Director, Western-Europe, VIRTUE: “In a time where most of our social interactions are happening through screens, we wanted to bring a bright vision of the future and show the potential of digital personal expression. Working together with L’Oréal Paris to experiment with the boundaries of digital aesthetics and cosmetics, has been incredibly exhilarating. L’Oréal Paris took bold steps into an exciting new future and I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.”