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[Interview] Inês Bernardo, Creative Director, Scrambled

[Interview] Inês Bernardo, Creative Director, Scrambled

Inês Bernardo is the Creative Director at Scrambled, a creative production agency specializing in food content. The agency brings brand’s visions to life through compelling visuals and impactful storytelling.

Now part of the PAKT Group, Scrambled has joined forces with Nosh Food Films, creating an unstoppable force in the global food and beverage content production scene worldwide.

Revamping HEMA’s food department visuals, that seems like quite a task! How did Scrambled even begin tackling such an iconic project?

It was definitely an iconic one, but one we were itching to sink our teeth into for a long time! We decided to approach it in a truly Dutch pragmatic way. Starting by diving into the brand and ensuring that authentic "echt HEMA" feeling remained intact. We aimed for a blend of simplicity and boldness that their products deserve. Think bright colours, harsh lighting, and images with a humours touch and above all, very delicious. It was about time to give their "rookworst" the spotlight it deserves!

It sounds like a delicate balance. How did you manage to mix HEMA's traditional charm with a modern twist?

Creating the delicate mix between the two was truly exciting, especially for a non-Dutch like myself! First we delved into HEMA’s DNA, finding out what their secret sauce is. After that, we just started to go out of their comfort zone, seeing what felt HEMA and what didn’t. And injecting some modern flair was a no-brainer, aiming to attract a wider demographic. It was all about emphasising boldness in both design and photography. Grabbing the attention of potential consumers passing by their take-away and also conveying a sense of pride and quality.

How was the partnership with the HEMA’s team?

Like I mentioned, working with HEMA was a long-cherished desire for Scrambled and it ended up feeling like a true partnership. We had the same goal, to give their food department a jaw-dropping makeover, so it became a natural process for both. And, throughout the process we also shared many laughs, which is also very important!

Could you tell us a bit about Scrambled?

Absolutely, Scrambled is at the forefront of food content production in the Netherlands. Sure, as any production agency we do photography and video, but what sets us apart is our knack for finding that sweet spot between creativity and effectiveness. Because ultimately, you can create a beautiful photo, but if nobody sees it or it doesn't result in increased conversion for the client, it's a waste of marketing budget. Another advantage is that "food" is our total focus. So we are experts in it. Whether it's a sleek product photo, a recipe video, a food-driven TV show, a visual identity, or a full campaign. We're not just about flashy ads and camera movements, nah, we're all about substance – making meaningful and impactful content that resonates with the audiences, without always having to break the wallet.

What sets Scrambled apart?

At our core, we're all about creativity paired with a production knack for getting stuff done. We're super proud of how adaptable we are in this ever-changing world of content. Always eager to brainstorm fresh ideas for our clients and keep growing ourselves to bring something special to the table. We're all about blending creativity with efficiency and innovation, without ever sacrificing quality.

What does the future looks like for Scrambled?

These are exciting and interesting times for us! We've just joined PAKT. An ecosystem of leading creative production houses. Through our close collaboration with Nosh Food Films, we're able to meet all our clients' needs in terms of food content, from concept to strategy. From digital content, to format development, to table-top productions and everything in between. It sounds amazing right? And it actually is!