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ING changes airport airbridges into stories of personal transformation in new campaign news

ING changes airport airbridges into stories of personal transformation in new campaign

With more than 60 million travellers passing through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol every year, it’s more than a place for travel; it’s where millions of unique stories unfold. And that’s exactly what Dutch bank ING highlights in its latest campaign, created by TBWA\NEBOKO. 

As one of the leading European bank, dedicated to empowering more than 39 million customers in their life journeys, ING celebrates the fact that, just like departures and arrivals, people go from one chapter to the next. 

Joris Phillipart, Creative Director, TBWA\NEBOKO: "62 million people pass through Schiphol every year, each on their own unique journey. What better way to tell the ING story of ‘do your thing” than celebrating the power of these life journeys, whether big or small?”  

The campaign is a reflection of ING's promise to make banking frictionless and encourage people to do more of what moves them. The concept is powerfully simple, using the familiar language of “from” and “to” on travel tickets to create an emotional story about transformation. At the same time, tapping into the mindset of travellers in the exact moment they’re travelling. Whether it’s business, romance, bringing home a baby or recovering from a Vegas trip, the airbridges and billboards stand out in a sea of crowded airport advertising.

Kim Larsen, head of Global Communications, Brand & MarCom: "Beyond physical destinations, we're celebrating empowerment and the different ways people can progress from the end of one thing to the beginning of another. This is what ING is all about.

Featuring over 50 life journeys, some are compelling headlines that stand on their own, while others use photography based on real stories. Rather than making something for everyone, ING wanted to create hyper-personal stories that can resonate with you, even if it’s not about you.

In line with ING’s purpose to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business, the goal is to encourage people to 'do their thing' without judging or telling them how to live their lives.

Launching with its first wave in February, the campaign includes 350 airbridges and digital-out-of-home billboards both inside and outside the airport by June.