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Hyundai Motor's 'Dogbility' campaign sparks conversations about universal mobility

Hyundai Motor's 'Dogbility' campaign sparks conversations about universal mobility

Hyundai Motor Company engaged consumers with an entertaining April Fools' Day campaign centered on Dogbility, a future mobility concept tailored to dogs.

The campaign implemented generative AI to create immersive visuals, putting a fresh twist on Hyundai Motor's vision on universal mobility for everyone.

Under its vision of 'Progress for Humanity,' the light-hearted campaign showcases Hyundai Motor's commitment to technological advancements aimed at ensuring equal and non-discriminatory access to mobility.

Sungwon Jee, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer,  Hyundai Motor Company "We wanted to bring genuine laughs to our fans, creating a cheerful atmosphere around April Fools' Day. This witty, yet remarkably elaborated 'Dogbility' concept embraces Hyundai's hopes for a future where everyone can enjoy the freedom of mobility."

Launching this cheerful, yet meaningful campaign, Hyundai Motor incorporated generative AI to showcase a range of innovative features, including a rotary steering wheel for stable handling, downward-facing pedals to prevent any strains to the patella, and color-changing HUD (Head-up Display) designed to accommodate dogs' unique vision.

In addition to social media postings, Hyundai Motor carried out guerilla advertising in Seoul, strategically placing posters at eye level for dogs, to engage both human and canine audiences with the fun and intriguing mobility concept. These publications sparked conversations about inclusivity and access to mobility among global audiences and dog owners.

Hyundai's April Fools' concept deeply resonated with global pet owners searching for better solutions to accommodate and entertain their furry family members. In social media, many dog owners expressed genuine interest in the concept, wishing for an actual launch of the canine-tailored mobility solution. One comment even said that it was the "best April fools' joke ever," while others asked if there will be another lineup for "cat" customers.

Through the fresh use of generative AI in creating social and guerilla content, Hyundai Motor's April Fools' campaign conveys the company's vision to become a smart mobility solution provider, continuing to research and develop new solutions to ensure freedom of movement for everyone.