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Hyundai and marketing agency TEN Advertising launch campaign for the new Santa Fe SUV news

Hyundai and marketing agency TEN Advertising launch campaign for the new Santa Fe SUV

Hyundai and its Asian American marketing agency, TEN Advertising, are kicking off a new creative campaign for the 2024 Santa Fe SUV.

The campaign, comprising two ads titled "Ruggedness" and "Wide Open Space," targets Asian American couples and families seeking exciting experiences in their everyday moments. Showcasing its ruggedness with solid exterior style and HTRAC AWD, as well as simultaneously presenting a comfortable, emotional, and sophisticated interior space, the campaign positions the new Hyundai Santa Fe as a refined-rugged SUV.

The campaign highlights Asian Americans who pursue an exciting life by infusing a taste of the outdoors into their daily lives as a way of expressing themselves. At the same time, it addresses the demands of Asian American consumers who value premium and sophisticated spaces for their lifestyles.

While reflecting the characteristic traits of these Asian American consumers, the ads showcase not only the Santa Fe's solid and rugged exterior that distinguishes it from competitors, but also the Santa Fe XRT model that cranks off-road adventures up a notch.

Angela Zepeda, chief marketing officer, Hyundai Motor America: "At Hyundai, our commitment is to cultivate authentic, inclusive, and culturally relevant connections with our audience, and this includes showcasing vehicle attributes and trim levels that bridge the journey the Santa Fe creates with the family values and rich heritage of our Asian American customers. Our new Asian American campaign captures Santa Fe's features and versatility, offering customers the spacious and premium interior comfort they seek, which includes three rows and a wide-open tailgate, creating an open living space that breaks the barriers between the indoors and outdoors."    

The creative concepts for both "Ruggedness" and "Wide Open Space" campaigns are the result from an in-depth analysis of the completely redesigned Santa Fe and a comprehensive survey of Asian American consumers' lifestyles and market insights. The "Ruggedness" ad, starring the Santa Fe XRT model and an Asian American couple, displays the couple enjoying an unexpected off-road adventure as they detour on unpaved roads with Santa Fe XRT's standard HTRAC AWD. Conversely, the "Wide Open Space" ad narrates how the Santa Fe not only provides a more spacious and sophisticated space for family outings, but also serves as a peaceful sanctuary.

The "Ruggedness" and "Wide Open Space" campaigns will utilize video and digital assets across TV, digital, social media, and theater channels to enhance the emotional impact of the creatives and highlight the vehicle's exceptional performance and design. Furthermore, TEN Advertising has organized an integrated campaign, including PR and experiential elements, to introduce and promote the 2024 Santa Fe to consumers and convey Hyundai's message that there is joy in every journey.