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Habbo partners with Juniper Creates to bring back merchandise and empower user creativity

Habbo partners with Juniper Creates to bring back merchandise and empower user creativity

Habbo has announced its partnership with Juniper Creates, opening up unique opportunities for user-generated content in apparel and toys. This collaboration aims to enhance the digital collectables and community experience, within the Metaverse.

Unlike traditional merchandise, where designs are determined solely by brand or company, this partnership invites the Habbo community to design and select lines of apparel and toys. These creations will be linked to in-game digital collectables crafted by the Habbo team. Users can submit their designs, participate in the community selection process, and proudly own and showcase their creations in both the real world and the digital realm.

MikaTimonen, Product Director, Habbo:“User generated content has been the core of Habbo from the beginning. Now, our community can design merchandise for both real life and in-game. We are extremely excited to see what ideas our community will bring to the merchandise!”.

Habbo’s partnership with Juniper Creates brings a fresh approach to creating and owning merchandise, enriching the Metaverse and gaming experience. Just as the Habbo gameplay prioritises community, self expression, customisation, and collectables, the same principle will apply to the merchandise.

RobertIanoni, Partnerships Manager, Juniper Creates: “Juniper Creates is thrilled to work on this partnership with Habbo. This collaboration brings together Juniper Creates’ expertise in translating digital intellectual properties in tangible products within Habbo’s expansive digital community. Together, we aim to create immersive physical products that will enhance the Habbo experience for its users worldwide!”

Through this partnership with Juniper Creates, the Habbo community  will enjoy a traditional merchandise experience featuring dedicated lines and seasonal content. The addition of user-generated content allows for the community to actively participate in designing and selecting merchandise.

Moreover, as a clear distinction between Juniper’s role in creating the merchandise and Habbo’s involvement in developing the digital collectibles, new collections will have the opportunity to be collaboratively transformed into in-game digital collectibles by the Habbo team.

Furthermore, the integration of Junipers Create’s eCommerce platform built on Shopify opens doors for future Habbo’s merchandise collections, leveraging the potential of owning Habbo digital collectables.