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Global children's entertainment firm Spin Master launches marketing campaign to inspire problem solvers news

Global children's entertainment firm Spin Master launches marketing campaign to inspire problem solvers

Spin Master, a global children's entertainment company and owner of the world-famous Rubik's Cube, is launching a year-long campaign dedicated to the iconic toy during its 50th anniversary year.

 A symbol of problem solving, intelligence, creativity and perseverance, the Rubik's Cube will be celebrated with a multifaceted, year-long marketing campaign themed 'Make Your Move', to inspire the next generation of problem solvers. The milestone year will include new launches and product collaborations, and the debut of an all-new mobile game Rubik's MatchTM.

Doug Wadleigh, President of Toys, Spin Master: "The Rubik's Cube is an iconic puzzle that has permeated pop culture, captivating millions of curious minds for generations. As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we will honor the Rubik's Cube's enduring global impact, inspiring new generations to explore the cube and encouraging past generations to rediscover it."

One in every seven people in the world have played with the Rubik's Cube, but most people fall short on completing the elusive solve. The 'Make Your Move' campaign sets out to change that, focused on inspiring solvers.

Professor Ernő Rubik: "The Rubik's Cube is a piece of art. It comes to life when we attempt to discover our own solutions to the vast complexity of the challenge. It speaks to the universal values in human nature: curiosity, perseverance, and ingenuity. Recognizing the Cube's 50th anniversary is a celebration of these eternal values."

Spin Master will also introduce new Rubik's Cube products that include:

Rubik's 50th Anniversary Retro CubeTM - Displayed in a replica of the 1980s issue packaging, this blast from the past is decorated with the original Rubik's Logo and classic-colored stickers. (January 2024, $14.99).

Rubik's Sensory CubeTM - Feel the colors with the Rubik's Sensory Cube! Featuring a unique 3x3 cube that has a distinguishable tactile shape for each color of the cube. Designed to be inclusive for the visually impaired community, even the packaging will include braille. This cube will be launched in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind. (March 2024, $12.99).

Rubik's GridlockTM Board Game - A new challenge, to test flexible thinking and problem-solving skills. With blocks in place, the objective is to fit all of the pieces onto the board to solve each puzzle. (March 2024, $14.99).

Rubik's Connected XTM - Bridging together the physical and digital world of solving the Connected X is a Bluetooth-enabled 3x3 cube. Cubers can learn and improve cubing skills through the app by tracking, recording, and timing their solve. Connect with friends through the app to go head-to-head to see who is the faster cuber! (June 2024, $39.99).

Rubik's CubersTM - Bringing your favorite characters to the Rubik's Cube with Rubik's Cubers. Collect, solve, and display these puzzle characters, including Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, and Black Panther. (July 2024, $14.99).

Rubik's 3x3 Speed CubeTM - Elevate your solving skills to the next level with the new 3x3 Speed Cube. Redesigned for competition use, the Speed Cube features sticker-less panels, internal magnets for smooth movements, and adjustable tensions to create a customized cube experience. (August 2024, $14.99).

Limited-edition collaborations will also be available throughout the course of the year, from pop culture giants like Barbie, Stranger Things, Wednesday Addams and Hello Kitty to famous names like Beatles Yellow Submarine, the Grateful Dead, Albert Einstein and Mr. Brainwash and notable brands including Levi's, NBALAB, U.S. Soccer, Mercedes Benz, Heelys, Tetris®, and G Fuel.

Later this year, Spin Master's Digital Games creative centre will leverage the Rubik's Cube intellectual property, bringing it into the casual gaming space with the introduction of Rubik's Match™, a mobile game developed by Nørdlight GamesTM, Spin Master's Stockholm-based digital game studio.

Honoring the Rubik's Cube legacy of challenging and entertaining minds worldwide, the mobile game will deliver a fresh 3D take on the match-3 game genre. Designed for the problem solver and perfect for those who cherish mental gymnastics, the game combines the joy of puzzle-solving with the creative potential of building and personalization.