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Energy supplier Essent chooses ZUID Creatives as content partner news

Energy supplier Essent chooses ZUID Creatives as content partner

Energy supplier Essent has chosen ZUID Creatives as supporting content partner. With videos, animations, socials, web texts, banners, infographics, visuals and offline materials, Essent's internal departments are now supported with their below-the-line content. 

Long-term partnership

Anandi Grefkens, content director at ZUID Creatives: "We get good energy from collaborations like this for several reasons. In the first place because Essent is clearly focused from the start on a long-term partnership, something we consciously pursue within ZUID Agency Group with all our customers. We like to devise and create content as an extension of internal departments. By linking Essent's specialists with short lines of communication to the specialists within ZUID, we quickly get to the core without any noise. That always works well. And because we as ZUID Agency Group have more to offer than just content production, we also think strategically about concept development, developing campaigns and devising and producing formats to support Essent's above-the-line campaigns.

Energy of today

Anandi Grefkens: "At ZUID we want to make brands future-proof. It was therefore nice to notice during the discussions that Essent is clearly serious about making an active, positive contribution to the challenges that the energy transition entails. They do not want to wait longer and get to work with today's energy As an influential player, in addition to influence, extensive knowledge and experience, they also have a clearly tangible need to be part of the solution for both consumers and business users. -done is therefore to share target group-specific knowledge and tips with targeted end users."