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Eagle Foods partners with ad agency Brokaw in multimedia campaign to relaunch Hamburger Helper news

Eagle Foods partners with ad agency Brokaw in multimedia campaign to relaunch Hamburger Helper

Eagle Foods is re-launching the iconic Hamburger Helper brand, along with its legendary talking glove mascot, Lefty.

The launch includes a new national campaign, the first for Lefty in almost a decade, and heralds the introduction of new and reformulated flavors and reduced cooking times.

Having acquired Helper from General Mills in 2022, Eagle Foods has focused its efforts on reigniting Helper's mission to help solve today's biggest dinnertime dilemmas. Between high inflation and busy schedules, finding a delicious, affordable and easy-to-prepare meal can be challenging.

So, Lefty is back with answers: 30 quick and tasty one-pan meals from Helper that will have everybody asking for seconds. And to help shoppers find their favorite varieties in store, Helper has updated its packaging design,  reformulated its flavors with robust herbs, spices, and flavors, and even reduced cooking time – all without adding any cost to consumers. 

Helper returns to screens with Lefty front and center in a new, national advertising campaign to help answer the ever-present question, "What's for dinner?" Lefty helps families find delicious, convenient and customizable meals that make everyone at the table smile. Picky eaters to please? Helper! Got home late and now everyone is hungry? Helper! Dinner snuck up on you after a busy day? Helper! Reached your takeout limit? Helper!

To spearhead the reintroduction, Eagle Foods has partnered with advertising and marketing firm, Brokaw Inc. to craft a comprehensive multimedia campaign that resonates with the needs of today's consumers. The campaign includes TV, radio, digital and social media platforms, ensuring a robust presence across all touchpoints.

Mala Wiedemann, EVP of Marketing and R&D, Eagle Foods: "We are thrilled to bring back Helper in such a big way. Helper has been a staple in America's kitchens for over 50 years, and we're launching Helper into the next 50. This is proof positive of Eagle Foods' mission of revitalizing great brands, creating growth in the center store for retailers and delivering tremendous taste, variety and value for consumers."

The Helper brand's revitalization marks a significant milestone in Eagle Foods' journey, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction. As the campaign rolls out, Eagle Foods invites everyone to rediscover the joy and convenience of Helper meals.