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Dept teams up with American superstar Eva Mendes to launch campaign for new water brand

Dept teams up with American superstar Eva Mendes to launch campaign for new water brand

Hell Energy, the Hungarian energy drink company, has launched its new brand of filtered water. FloeWater offers an alternative to plastic packaged water, as it comes in aluminum cans which are proven to have longer and less impactful life cycles than PET bottles.

While tap water is still the most eco-friendly thirst quencher, in many situations and locations around the world, it simply is not available.

FloeWater is not just packaged in cans, the water itself is filtered using cutting-edge multi-level technologies, including Hydronomic ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

American superstar Eva Mendes is the star of the new launch campaign. In the campaign, Eva is seen in a frozen, lifeless world constricted by plastic. She moves through the different settings representing some of our planet’s most important ecosystems. Upon opening a can of FloeWater, the world bursts to life.

The world is created with a combination of physical props, virtual production sets, and CGI, which together make a one-of-a-kind visual landscape that captures the eeriness of a plastic world while maintaining a captivating beauty.

Rob Voortman, Creative Director, DEPT: “We liked the idea of creating a film that not only stars Eva but also shows the power of nature from different angles and landscapes across the globe – without having to fly all over the world to capture this. We joined forces with 100%’s award-winning director Emma Westenberg to create this world at Ready Set Studios in Amsterdam.”

Adrienn Popovics, Marketing Director, HELL: “Eva makes the perfect brand ambassador thanks to her charisma and dedication, which reflect the brand’s values and make it more appealing to consumers worldwide. The world-famous celebrity Eva Mendes is also known for paying attention to her health. She exercises daily, stays hydrated, and has almost completely eliminated plastics from her life.”

The launch campaign has gone live and the FloeWater product range is now available in numerous countries across the globe.