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DDB Worldwide and Parley for the Oceans partner to inspire a better future through creativity

DDB Worldwide and Parley for the Oceans partner to inspire a better future through creativity

DDB Worldwide has announced it has entered a partnership with Parley for the Oceans, a global environmental organization and impact network focused on driving solutions for climate change, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss with a collaborative, futurists' approach to environmentalism.

By combining their respective strengths, DDB and Parley will tap the power of creativity, collaboration and eco-innovation to move people, culture and businesses and invent a better tomorrow.

Tomas Gonsorcik, Chief Strategy Officer, DDB North America: "It's no secret that earth's climate is in crisis and our industry at times can be complicit to greenwashing." He continued, "As marketers and brand stewards, we have the incredible opportunity before us to influence brands and design our own destiny. Parley brings unmatched integrity and scale to DDB and our clients. This is the ultimate invitation to create."

Parley has formed strategic alliances with governments, intergovernmental organizations and throughout the private sector. The organization is working across different industries including sport, fashion, art, media, hospitality and finance, with corporate partnerships including adidas, Dior, Diageo (Talisker), Anheuser Busch InBev (Corona) and American Express. DDB will serve as Parley's agency on record and preferred creative agency partner.

Both companies will team up to redefine the role of the advertising industry and equip its talent through a compressive educational program, providing corporations the knowledge and tools to master new challenges associated with the global environmental crisis. The goal is to drive rapid transformation of the modern economy into one where harmful and exploitative business practices are a relic of the past.

DDB will also support Parley in growing its brand reach and scaling global fundraising efforts, helping to multiply Parley's impact in intercepting harmful pollutants currently contributing to environmental destruction — e.g., plastic waste, electronic waste and greenhouse gasses — and establishing natural and biofabricated materials as new industry standards to avoid waste, emissions and ocean threats at the source.

Parley's expertise, vast partner network and proven Parley AIR Strategy (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign) will serve as an invaluable asset to DDB and its rich client-base. Together, they will bring the necessary creative problem-solving capabilities and resources to drive real impact and rapid transformation of businesses across a range of industries. Willing brands will emerge as a symbol of change within their industry. 

Cyrill Gutsch, Founder & CEO, Parley for the Oceans: "The human species is spiraling into self destruction while cocooning in social media bubbles. The natural world, our life support system, is about to collapse. Climate change, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss need to be addressed instantly with a rapid economic transformation. Companies who miss out will pay an existential price, they will be rejected by society and penalized by governments, rejected by investors. At Parley we are driving what we call the Material Revolution, we enable our partners to become Eco Innovation Champions and leaders of a new economy — one that is built on collaboration with nature. The partnership with DDB is a fantastic opportunity to apply our knowledge of rapid corporate transformation to new industries and brands, and to establish a new role for the advertising industry and creative talent."