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Creative production agency Scrambled introduces fresh new look for HEMA’s food department

Creative production agency Scrambled introduces fresh new look for HEMA’s food department

Scrambled, a creative production agency renowned for their food expertise, has partnered with HEMA to cook up an exciting makeover for HEMA's food department.

Together they created a fresh new look & feel, blending HEMA's traditional charm with a modern twist. The goal? To make HEMA's food products stand out and appeal to a wider demographic, while ensuring the preservation of the "echt Hema" feeling.

Inês Bernardo, Creative Director, Scrambled: “HEMA's got that quintessential Dutch authenticity, it's practically in their DNA! When crafting this fresh visual identity, it was vital for us to capture every ounce of HEMA's essence and really hit home with their devoted fanbase. And let me tell you how much fun it was for me as a non-Dutch deciphering the secret sauce of HEMA's charm!“

The collaboration emphasises boldness, with the new look and feel showcasing HEMA's food take-away products as heroes in their own right. "The boldness of the design and photography choices not only grabs attention but also conveys a sense of pride and quality. We're talking about starring these delicious products and give them the spotlight they truly deserve.” adds the Creative Director.

Bart Kleijzen, Brand Strategist, HEMA: "We're on a mission to give our take-away a serious upgrade, by spotlighting one of our most iconic products, like our beloved "rookworst" and hotdog. Our goal is to showcase them in a more iconic manner and appeal to a younger demographic. The fun collaboration with Scrambled helped us capturing the right look and feel, and our modern aesthetic now aligns seamlessly with both the brand identity while also attracting a broader target audience.”

The collaboration between Scrambled and HEMA is a strategic endeavour that summed up into the reinforcing of HEMA’s food department position in the Netherlands. While making us all eager to rush over to HEMA and have a "rookworst" right now!

Marjolein Kiestra, Managing Director, Scrambled: “Working with HEMA was a long-cherished desire for Scrambled. From day one, we were fired up to collaborate with this iconic Dutch brand. The process has been an absolute blast! Let's just say we're bursting with pride over what we've achieved together.”

The new visual guidelines for HEMA's food department are now being implemented across all stores.