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Creative company Artlist launches campaign to guide brands on collaborating with influencers news

Creative company Artlist launches campaign to guide brands on collaborating with influencers

Artlist, a creative technology company has launched a campaign guiding brands in their collaboration with influencers.

This was largely born out of the fact that influencer marketing is now estimated at $16.4 billion, with more and more brands allocating a significant portion of their advertising budget to creator brand deals.

The campaign presents several takeaways that brands should consider when working with influencers, from identifying the right creators to collaborate with, to forming partnerships that are holistic, impactful, and beneficial to all sides.

Artlist's recent survey of over 6,000 creators worldwide sheds new light on the dynamics between brands and influencers. While nearly 30% of respondents have collaborated with brands on sponsored content or user-generated content (UGC), only 8% aren't interested in creating sponsored content.

A significant 91% of creators expect to increase their collaborations with brands in 2024. This surge is attributed to creators' desire for heightened exposure and income opportunities.

Looking ahead to 2024, 40% of creators are eager to collaborate with as many brands as possible, whereas 37% are more focused on working with brands that resonate with their personal brand.

This highlights, on the one hand, creators' continuous desire to earn as much exposure and sources of income as possible, and, on the other hand, the importance creators put on authenticity, aiming to promote content that aligns with their values and identities.

The survey also emphasizes creators' interest in receiving results from campaigns they participate in, with 62% of respondents answering that it would help them learn and improve their performance.

 Dikla Bengio, Partnerships Team Leader, Artlist: "One of the main elements of a good partnership is to have an open and honest conversation about the purpose of the relationship. Only then, once expectations have been aligned, can we create a business model that benefits everyone."

Looking ahead to 2024, 37% of creators believe brands should be providing influencers with more creative freedom. A similar 36% mentioned the importance of establishing long and meaningful partnerships. 

Dikla: "We've witnessed many young creators who began their journey with us, whose channels are now immensely successful. This is a result of our commitment to support them right from the start, and seeing their potential from the get-go".

Another great example of a meaningful brand-influencer partnership can be seen a video by filmmaker duo Feelm, where Sam Newton, one of Artlist's partners, joins the duo as they share their inspiring story.

This highlights how partnering with brands can go beyond conventional product promotion, resulting in authentic and impactful content.

As creative tools become increasingly accessible, 2024 will see more and more creators entering the market, making it an important year for brands looking to take advantage of the phenomenon and collaborate with influencers.