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Colgate unveils smile campaign targeting Gen Z news

Colgate unveils smile campaign targeting Gen Z

Colgate believes in celebrating differences—in people and their smiles. Today's media landscape however tends to tell a different story, as most online and TV personalities boast nearly identical sets of straight, gleaming teeth with no gaps. It's no wonder why 65% of Gen Z respondents reported that pressure to have a perfect smile negatively impacts their confidence, and 85% would like to change their smiles.

Colgate wants to remind people everywhere, especially Gen Z, that the most beautiful smile is the one they own. The company has launched the ‘My Smile is My Superpower’ campaign by unveiling an original music video: "The Beauty of Gaps." It celebrates a range of smiles and includes a whistled take on the empowering anthem, "Roar."

Through this campaign, Colgate aims to show everyone, once and for all, that all smiles are beautiful smiles, no matter their size, shape or shade. 

Award-winning actress Uzo Aduba, who sports a gap in her stunning smile, is joining the campaign with a passion for empowering confidence in others. Together, Uzo and Colgate are setting out to remind people that uniformity does not equal beauty—individuality does. 

Aduba: "When I was younger, I fixated on the gap in my teeth—so much so that it kept me from smiling and being authentically myself. It wasn't until I discovered that my smile is representative of my family's Anyaoku heritage that I started to see it as a source of confidence and pride. I'm excited to be partnering with Colgate to share my smile story in the hopes of inspiring others to own their smiles just the way they are." 

To help the next generation tackle life head-on with a confident smile, Colgate is committed to reaching 250,000 kids in the US with smile confidence resources by the end of 2024 through its Bright Smiles, Bright Futures (BSBF) program. Established in 1991, the BSBF program has reached approximately 1.7 billion children in more than 100 countries across the world. The program strategically partners to reach underserved children and their families where they are born, live, work, learn and play. BSBF promotes health equity, optimal health and well-being, and leads global social impact efforts that empower children and families to achieve healthy and bright futures.

Diana Haussling, SVP & GM, Consumer Experience & Growth, Colgate: "Our research has shown that when your smile doesn't match the idealized version portrayed in the world, it's easy to doubt its beauty. We at Colgate know that there is power in every smile, and I am proud that with this initiative we are providing resources to help kids smile with confidence wherever they go."