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Cannes Lions 2024: Introducing Romaine Reid and Koji Yanai

Cannes Lions 2024: Introducing Romaine Reid and Koji Yanai

Marketing Report is running a series of articles introducing speakers participating at this year’s Cannes Lions.

Romaine Reid

Filmmaker, Director and Creative, Romaine Reid

Romaine Reid is an award-winning Director, Filmmaker and Creative, with a commercial background in Motion Design and VFX.

Romaine has created eye-catching film and motion work for brands such as Nike, Google, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Disney, BBC, and more.

He brings his in-depth experience in filmmaking, post-production, content creation and design to all of his projects, providing a creative edge to what is possible on screen, across film and digital.

Romaine’s work in Film, Commercials and Music Videos, is described as 'visually captivating, memorable and stunning.' He invites viewers into the screen and takes them on a journey of evoked ‘feelings and emotions’ centred around visual storytelling.

Koji Yanai

Group Senior Executive Officer, Director of the Board, Fast Retailing Co

Joined Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. in 2012 and later worked as PR Officer for UNIQLO’s global marketing. Has served as Director since 2018 and Group Senior Executive Officer since 2020. Launched and executed The Tokyo Toilet as a personal project. Has played a major role in the planning, financing, and production of Perfect Days.