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Belgian sauce maker Manna taps blended agency iO in new brand campaign news

Belgian sauce maker Manna taps blended agency iO in new brand campaign

Belgian sauce manufacturer Manna is refreshing its packaging and has asked iO to bring this to people's attention creatively. As a long-term partner, the blended agency has developed a brand campaign with a playful twist to increase brand awareness.

Manna needed a refresh for its product labels. To visually update them and anchor the brand name in the minds of the general public, iO developed a creative branding campaign. 

Philippe Deben, marketing manager, Manna:  "More than highlighting the new product labels, we wanted the campaign to raise brand awareness. We are confident that - thanks to iO's creative concept and media planning - it will make Manna an even stronger Belgian brand, known and trusted by many."

Creating a tasty, top-of-mind brand experience

The hybrid campaign was launched last week and appears on relevant media through television commercials, out-of-home initiatives on campuses, online videos, and social media posts.

Under the well-known tagline 'Relax, pour sauce over it,' it playfully focuses on self-acceptance. The message is, 'As long as you feel good.' Just like the Manna sauces, which remain delicious – regardless of their looks. This way, iO increases brand awareness and puts Manna at the top of consumers' shopping lists.

Together for ten years, blending the coolest brand 

Manna and blended agency iO have worked together for over a decade across the entire marketing spectrum. Because iO knows Manna as a brand and business inside out, the blended agency has successfully increased consumers' love for the brand in recent years.

Nico Goossens, Senior Art & Design Director, iO: "With the well-received campaigns and posts for Manna, we consciously tap into current events, always with a wink. And it pays off: people now choose the brand more consciously, which they might have bought before but didn't perceive as a beloved personality.”