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Volkswagen brand Elli launches pan-European charging solution for electric fleets

Volkswagen brand Elli launches pan-European charging solution for electric fleets

Volkswagen Group brand Elli is launching an intelligent solution across Europe for electric vehicle fleets. With Elli Fleet Charging, companies in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria are now able to manage and cost-optimize their fleet charging.

After a market introduction phase lasting several months, over 650 German companies and fleet managers are already successfully using Elli’s product.

The number of electric vehicles in European fleets is steadily increasing - already one out of seven company fleet cars is fully or partially electric, meaning the proportion of EVs is significantly higher in fleets than in the general population.

The main drivers are the reduction of CO2 emissions and legal regulations. As a result, electric fleet charging management is continuously increasing in importance for companies.

Giovanni Palazzo, CEO, Elli and Volkswagen Group Charging & Energy, SVP: "The transition to electric mobility is changing the way companies organize their mobility. Electric fleet management differs from classic fleet management because company car drivers aren’t just charging on the road. Companies need a solution that has an integrated multi-national billing system that covers all types of charging cases, from the public fast charging station to the private home charger with a MID energy meter. Elli offers turnkey software and hardware solutions that completely cover this use case.”

With Elli Fleet Charging, the fleet is managed efficiently and cost-effectively, reducing the administrative workload for both employer and employee. The Fleet Management Console empowers complete cost transparency and visibility around the clock.

Company car drivers can charge at three locations: In public at one of Europe's approximately 560,000 charge points via app or RFID card, allowing simple payment and billing. In addition, the software also manages the at home charging of a company car: a digital reimbursement system combined with a smart Elli Charger Pro provides automatic and documented reimbursement of charging costs. Elli also offers an installation and maintenance service for the company-used charger at home with its experienced partner ChargeGuru.

From April next year, Elli Fleet Charging will also provide at work charging with planning, installation, and maintenance options for standard charging and fast-charging stations on company sites. Following the upcoming launch in Italy, Spain and Austria, other European countries will follow in the coming months. Customers interested in testing the new Elli software free of charge can sign up online in just a few minutes at

Palazzo: "As one of the largest mobility service providers in Europe, Elli ensures a seamless charging experience with the goal of decarbonizing society for generations to come. Our vision is to become one of the leading international charging and energy providers."