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IKEA announces a plant-based evolution of the IKEA hot dog

IKEA announces a plant-based evolution of the IKEA hot dog

The iconic hot dog has been a part of the IKEA shopping experience for over 40 years. Now, IKEA has developed the hot dog in a modern way. With great taste and texture, the plant-based hot dog is the latest, innovative addition to the family of plant-based products at IKEA.

Helene von Reis, Food Manager, IKEA of Sweden: “IKEA is driven by a vision to create a better everyday life for the many people. Through the food business, we can contribute to this by offering a tasty, healthier, and more sustainable food option.”

Inspiring customers to choose plant-based options

IKEA wants to inspire even more customers to choose plant-based options by offering the hot dog at a more affordable price. 

Helene von Reis: “We want to offer more plant-based alternatives with a lower climate impact. Choosing plant-based food often impacts climate footprint less than animal-based options.”

Mimicking the snap of the iconic hot dog

During the development process, one challenge was to create a plant-based hot dog with a texture like the classic IKEA hot dog. With animal-based hot dogs, there is usually a casing around the meat, which provides a snap when you take a bite. The snap of the plant-based hotdog is meant to mimic the snap and sensory experience of biting into a regular animal-based hot dog.

Helene: “We have spent much time in the development process to give the best experience for our customers. With a great taste, texture, and a snap when you bite it, the plant-based hot dog is a perfect alternative to a traditional iconic hot dog.”

The plant-based hot dog has a balanced taste, containing rice protein, onion, apple, salt, pepper, and smokiness to give the plant-based hot dog a characteristic sausage flavour.