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[SXSW] AI Optimists vs Tech Pessimists news

[SXSW] AI Optimists vs Tech Pessimists

By Maurice Wenneker, straight from SXSW, Austin, Texas

Besides the Smoked Brisket Breakfast Tacos, I also have to get used to how differently new tech is viewed here. There are the Tech Optimists, everything AI powered is good and issues that are not running smoothly yet, such as privacy, data mining, and hallucinations are just bugs that need to be fixed. Unstoppable Domains Chief Operating Officer Sandy Carterr was almost drooling on stage at the idea of all factory workers getting AI powered wearables soon to optimize their breaks. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should.

The Tech Pessimists are rightly concerned about all the data needed to train the ai models and what this will do to privacy. For instance, Yasodara Cordova of unico IDtech mentioned in her session that historically, people consider privacy as an important concept but put very little effort into protecting their data. Here, the word accountability in Austin is mentioned often. Interesting that previously the consumer was held responsible for their data, but with these new developments, the ball is (rightly) placed in the court of the big tech giants.

What we are missing here a bit are the realists; let's see if you can really get the hallucinations out of the system because without this, adoption on a large scale is actually quite difficult. Also, regarding the question of whether money is already being made with ai, there is still a deafening silence.

There are also films at SXSW, and an absolute must-see is The Anti social Network about 4Chan, the site from which Anonymous and other trolls and hackers sprouted and as a joke were responsible for the emergence of Qanon and ultimately the storming of The Capital on January 6th.

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