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Marketing and PR firm Zen Media launches generative AI tool to predict newsworthiness

Marketing and PR firm Zen Media launches generative AI tool to predict newsworthiness

Zen Media (Zen), a B2B marketing and public relations firm, has launched Snooze or News, a first-of-its-kind AI-powered press release tool to help determine if an announcement is newsworthy.

The tool also provides creative suggestions, corrections and an amplification strategy. This innovative technology and strategic application marks a significant step forward in media communication, empowering professional communicators to enhance their press releases, receive expert feedback, and gauge their company's newsworthiness.

In the fast-paced media world, crafting an impactful and newsworthy press release is paramount for businesses aiming to stand out. However, even the most seasoned professionals sometimes need help to strike the right chord. Recognizing this challenge, using Zen's expertise, the firm developed Snooze or News, a free tool to evaluate press releases and provide strategic recommendations on improving and distributing company news.

Shama Hyder, CEO and Founder, Zen Media: "Zen Media's rich history of empowering businesses to excel in their industries is reaffirmed with the launch of our innovative AI-powered press release tool. We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge tool to the market, providing businesses with the necessary resources to communicate effectively and get their message to the audiences that matter most to their business. With our AI-powered press release tool, we believe companies will experience a dramatic improvement in reaching their customers and the media."

The tool's user-friendly interface allows individuals to effortlessly upload their press releases, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms trained using Zen's PR prowess, to scan and analyze every aspect of the content. Unlike other press release generation tools, Zen's solution goes beyond basic grammatical corrections. The tool offers users an array of one-of-a-kind features, including personalized suggestions on targeting the ideal audience and pitching the announcement to relevant media outlets.

The most distinctive feature of Zen's press release tool is its ability to provide a comprehensive grade on the newsworthiness of the release. Users can now gauge the effectiveness of their announcement, ensuring that their message reaches the right people and resonates with their target audience.

Key Features of Zen Media's Snooze or News AI tool include:

Grammar and Content Correction: Receive real-time feedback on grammar, style, and overall content to fine-tune your press release for maximum impact.

Pitching Suggestions: Access personalized recommendations on where and how to pitch your announcement, increasing the likelihood of media coverage.

Newsworthiness Analysis: Understand your press release's effectiveness and identify improvement areas to create more compelling and engaging content.

PR Evaluation: Determine if your announcement should be transitioned to an owned asset or an alternative PR tactic to reach the right audience confidently.

Snooze or News is a complimentary offering and provides users with a streamlined approach to creating, refining and evaluating press releases.