Marketing Report


DIRECTV Advertising partners with FourthWall to revolutionize cross-screen, data-driven targeting with precision

06-12-2023 | 07:05:00
DIRECTV's nationwide scale and deterministic audience is a strong foundation to power insights for marketers of any size across all U.S. markets.

Loop Media launches 10 holiday channels

05-12-2023 | 07:08:00
Loop Media boasts a vast network of screens across North America. Recognizing the significance of the holiday season for businesses, Loop® TV embraces the festive spirit by offering 10 specialized Holiday channels.

FreeWheel and OrkaTV unveil a solution for advertisers to reach target audiences on FAST channels

05-12-2023 | 07:05:00
Per this partnership, advertisers working with FreeWheel now have access to more than 3,500 FAST channels available through OrkaTV’s streaming TV marketplace.

Majority of US consumers actively avoid ads across podcasts, streaming and live TV platforms, report

04-12-2023 | 07:05:00
The survey, which polled 3,000 U.S.-based consumers earlier this year, uncovered consumers’ feelings about macroeconomic trends, their preferred platforms and channels, and sentiments around influencers, advertisements, and ad-avoidance.

Traditional TV still dominates ad budgets and revenue share in Asia, report

24-11-2023 | 07:44:06
From January to October this year, $107 billion in ad revenue was injected into Asia’s media industry, with TV attracting the lion’s share.

Loop Media migrates its platform infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

20-11-2023 | 09:37:00
The company leveraged the AWS Startups program, which focuses on helping startups succeed by offering a broad range of infrastructure services, programs, and events to support startups as they launch, grow, and scale.

AdCellerant introduces new addressable streaming tv product with precise targeting and reach

20-11-2023 | 09:34:00
AdCellerant 's Addressable Streaming TV product is set to reshape how businesses connect with their target audience, maximizing the return on their investment (ROI) for every advertising dollar spent.

Soundstack hires digital audio vet Michael Fischer to expand streaming audio business

14-11-2023 | 07:22:12
The appointment bolsters the company's growing publisher discipline – which also includes customer enablement, support, and podcast business teams.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Online video industry takes market by storm

09-11-2023 | 11:15:00
The unprecedented rise in use of smart devices and mobile data subscriptions, increase in popularity of live streaming and rise in number of streaming services is opening up the video on demand market.

Global video on demand market to reach $387.5 billion by 2032, report

09-11-2023 | 08:17:39
The video on demand market is expected to witness notable growth owing to rise in use of smart devices and mobile data subscriptions, increase in popularity of live streaming, and rise in number of streaming services.

Paramount combines its channels to offer UK audiences a consolidated free streaming service

09-11-2023 | 08:08:32
The advertising-supported free streaming destination will give viewers in the UK access to an extensive range of new, exclusive and archived content from Channel 5.

Nearly 7 in 10 UK consumers prefer free ad-supported streaming over subscription streaming services, study

06-11-2023 | 15:08:09
In its place, ad-supported streaming services are growing in popularity, with 68% of UK consumers preferring to stream free content rather than pay for a subscription. This is 8% more than US consumers.

VIZIO launches business unit to bolster content offering

02-11-2023 | 09:00:00
VIZIO Ads has announced the launch of the VIZIO Branded Content Studio (VBCS), a new business unit created to bring fresh content offerings to millions of VIZIO viewers.

Bell Media and FOX Entertainment Global ink content licensing and distribution deal

30-10-2023 | 12:42:32
Bell Media and FOX Entertainment Global announced a new licensing and distribution pact that sees the companies partner to support Canadian original productions for all Bell Media platforms.

Paramount Global and Sinclair announce CBS television network affiliation agreements

30-10-2023 | 12:21:00
Paramount and Sinclair have announced comprehensive, multi-year distribution agreements across all 21 CBS network affiliations for Sinclair stations, including six top-50 market affiliates.

Sony LIV expands global presence, announces foray in Africa and the Caribbean region

04-10-2023 | 09:47:00
Sony LIV, India's premium video-on-demand (VOD) service, has announced its strategic expansion into select countries in Africa and the Caribbean region.

Roku introduces Shopify checkout to TV streaming

03-10-2023 | 13:30:00
Upon seeing an ad for a Shopify merchant, viewers can simply press OK on their Roku remote to learn more about the product and purchase it directly from their TV.

Loop Media partners with First Canadian GPO as it continues to expand Canadian distribution footprint

02-10-2023 | 09:35:00
Loop Media, Inc., a multichannel streaming platform that provides curated music video, sports, news and entertainment television channels for businesses, has announced a new partnership with First Canadian GPO, a group purchase organization that helps small and medium-sized businesses find immense savings on supplies and services.

TV streaming is now the most popular TV source in Canada, study

27-09-2023 | 08:17:00
Rising inflation and cost of living, which top the list of worries for Canadian TV streamers in the next few years (54 per cent), compel many (24 per cent) to cancel or downgrade their cable/satellite package in the next 12 months (up six per cent from 2022).

Streaming TV ads surpass mobile ads for informing holiday purchases in new study

15-09-2023 | 12:29:37
Additionally, streaming ranks as the number one method for watching holiday content, with over half (54%) doing so during the season.

Loop Media announces the debut of additional Latino content channels for businesses

15-09-2023 | 08:32:56
Loop Media, which currently has over 71,000 screens in North America, has seen a growing demand for premium Latino-focused in-venue entertainment content for the Hispanic U.S. business community.