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IKEA launches new in-app feature and products to empower smarter energy use at home

30-05-2024 | 10:47:39
As energy costs and consumption continue to capture homeowners’ attention, IKEA embarks on a journey to create digital experiences and smart energy products designed to help customers save energy and make better decisions around their electricity consumption at home.

IKEA Supply and IOM announce partnership to promote inclusion of migrant workers

19-04-2024 | 09:55:05
By collaborating IKEA Supply and IOM ensure meaningful inclusion and employment for migrant workers and realize the potential of migration as a powerful driver for sustainable development.

IKEA partners with WWF to address forest degradation in Colombia and Brazil

08-12-2023 | 09:28:17
These projects aim to safeguard biodiversity and landscapes while also empowering local communities and curbing the alarming loss of forests. 

IKEA announces a plant-based evolution of the IKEA hot dog

07-07-2023 | 15:08:45
IKEA has developed the hot dog in a modern way. With great taste and texture, the plant-based hot dog is the latest, innovative addition to the family of plant-based products at IKEA.

IKEA to use bio-based glue for reduced climate footprint

27-03-2023 | 12:05:00
Finding new glue solutions is one of the main approaches to reducing the IKEA climate footprint, and most glue consumption is used in board production.

IKEA and partners to lower carbon emissions on one of the longest non-stop rail distances in Europe

20-03-2023 | 08:47:17
IKEA does 2 million shipments a year and 4.3% of the total IKEA value chain climate footprint comes from product transport.

IKEA increases transparency about origin of wood in products

13-02-2023 | 10:30:00
IKEA uses wood more than any other material, and for the very first time, shares all of the 45 markets suppliers sourced wood from in FY22.

IKEA bets on solar-powered cargo bikes to reduce the home delivery climate footprint

08-12-2022 | 15:11:15
For the last couple of years, IKEA retailers have been introducing electrical trucks for home delivery services. Now, the IKEA franchisor adds a more sustainable alternative home delivery transport solution: Solar-powered cargo bikes.

[Marketing Week] Investing in ethical and responsible advertising

24-11-2022 | 16:52:00
As consumers increasingly complain about growing misinformation, brands are heightening interventions meant to protect their long-term brand values and their short-term business results.

IKEA launches guide on measuring air pollution across value chains

23-11-2022 | 13:36:04
Using the guidance, IKEA set a baseline and encourages other businesses to join the Alliance for Clean Air in contributing to clean air and health.

IKEA, Volvo Trucks and Raben Group partner to accelerate zero-emission transport in Poland

16-09-2022 | 14:05:00
 IKEA will introduce heavy electric Volvo trucks for internal transport flows at two IKEA Industry factories in Poland, which will be operated by Raben Group. The learnings from the pilot will be used for the electrification of transport operations at scale in a larger transport network.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Brands take sustainability agenda to the next level

31-05-2022 | 14:15:00
There has been a spirited effort by global brands to achieve carbon neutrality and embrace sustainability guided by the principle of planet, people and profits.

IKEA takes a new leap towards 100 per cent circular mattresses

30-05-2022 | 09:00:00
IKEA is leading an initiative where new mattresses are created from a collection of disposed mattresses, prolonging the life of already made products by increasing the use of post-consumer recycled polyols in foam.

IKEA launches smart products and home apps

26-05-2022 | 08:40:00
IKEA has continued its journey to enable an even smarter home for the many people. In October, a Matter ready hub for smart products called DIRIGERA will be launched together with a new IKEA Home smart app. 

IKEA releases Sustainability Report, confirms being on track towards 2030 climate commitment

19-01-2022 | 08:05:26
The IKEA Sustainability Report FY21 is issued by Inter IKEA Group and covers the collective efforts from the contributors in the IKEA franchise system and value chain.

IKEA scales up social business collaborations to include more marginalized groups

16-12-2021 | 08:16:44
The collaboration will broaden the range of products produced in a sustainable industrial environment. The first collection VÅRDANDE will launch in June 2022.

IKEA to phase out plastic from consumer packaging by 2028

24-11-2021 | 15:10:49
In line with the commitment to have a positive impact on both people and planet, IKEA will phase out plastic from consumer packaging solutions.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Marketing Report forays into Belgium as it seeks to grow European footprint

24-11-2021 | 10:39:00
As part of its expansion strategy, digital platform for marketers, advertisers, communication professionals and media, Marketing Report has announced that it is expanding to Belgium and is in the process of launching a website.

IKEA joins other global companies to only purchase zero emission fuels for ocean shipping by 2040

11-11-2021 | 15:27:57
The ambition statement makes it clear that global transport buyers want zero-carbon shipping, and rapidly accelerating decarbonizing efforts.

IKEA launches Nutrition Profiling System to accelerate transition to a healthier, more sustainable food offer

30-09-2021 | 15:11:00
This will enable a big movement in product development to accelerate the transition to a healthier and more sustainable food offer.

IKEA joins 50L Home Coalition to accelerate action on water saving solutions

01-09-2021 | 16:12:00
The coalition brings together companies, policymakers, innovators, researchers, and communities to develop and scale innovations for efficient water use at home. Currently, the average daily water use per person in Europe is 150 litres, and elsewhere much more.