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World Out of Home Organization signs up 15 new members from across the world

World Out of Home Organization signs up 15 new members from across the world

The World Out of Home Organization has increased its coverage of the global OOH industry by signing up 15 organizations.

Five of the new members are from the APAC region, five from Europe, two from the United States,  one from MENA and one from Africa.

The Remat Al-Riyadh Development Company is WOO’s first member from Saudi Arabia, while the increased interest from Asia reflects the dynamic growth of OOH in that region.

Seven of the new members are national media owners, five are OOH service providers/suppliers, and there is one global media agency and one national OOH association.

The countries represented include the UK, US, France, Japan, Switzerland. Pakistan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Finland.

The new members are:

Billups --- global media agency, US

Kakao Mobility Corp --- national media owner, Republic of Korea

Goldbach Neo --- national media owner, Switzerland

Jeki --- OOH service provider/supplier, Japan

BillboardPlanet --- OOH service provider/supplier

Pixel Group --- national media owner, Indonesia

Go Media --- national media owner, New Zealand

Trueform --- OOH service provider/supplier, UK

What the Shop --- OOH service provider/supplier, France

Outshine --- national media owner, Finland --- OOH service provider/supplier, UK

FOMA --- national association, Pakistan

Remat Al-Riyadh --- national media owner, Saudi Arabia

Music Now --- national media owner, South Africa

Times Consulting --- national media owner, Azerbaijan

Mark Flys, Chief Operating Officer, WOO:  “With the pace of change in Out of Home accelerating every year, WOO is now providing the perfect forum for all sectors of the industry to come together to learn from each other and develop the medium even further.”