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Unilever partners with Arsenal footballer Bukayo Saka for the ‘dirt is good’ campaign

Unilever partners with Arsenal footballer Bukayo Saka for the ‘dirt is good’ campaign

Dirt Is Good and Arsenal’s two-year collaboration celebrates a shared mission to spread the joy of getting grubby through sport.

The brands’ first joint campaign centres on ‘The Autograph’, a short film featuring a young Arsenal fan, whose shirt signed by Saka is accidentally washed clean due to the power of Persil Bio 3 in 1 capsules. Viewers follow the youth’s mission to track down the player to get him to autograph their shirt once more.

Ahead of its launch in cinemas and on the brands’ and Saka’s social channels, guerrilla posters for the film were planted around Arsenal’s home ground in London. But there was a twist – seven of the posters hidden around the Emirates Stadium had actually been signed by the popular forward.

With a team of football-loving influencers posting clues on social media, fans set off on a treasure hunt for the autographed artwork. And there was one last surprise for all those who secured the signed posters – their very own autographed Saka shirt, just like the one featured in the film.

Mixing traditional and social marketing to score with Arsenal fans

Tati Lindenberg, Vice President of Marketing for Dirt Is Good, Persil: “This integrated campaign encapsulates everything we stand for, executed in a way that truly cuts through. Our guiding principle has always been that Dirt Is Good and every stain tells a story. The Autograph is a milestone moment for us as we begin to tell our stories through the lens of sport, reaching new and highly engaged audiences.”

Following the first activation of the footballing partnership, the brands will continue to drive brand awareness and increase worldwide sales, by bringing together Dirt Is Good, Arsenal and their loyal global fanbase.

An overview of Arsenal’s reach in 11 football-loving countries highlights the potential for Dirt Is Good to vastly expand its audience across key markets, including Asia, South East Asia and Latin America. Arsenal has over 338 million club followers spread across the globe, with 104 million in China alone. Social media platforms add a further 41.1 million followers into the mix, with 8 million in Indonesia and 6 million in Brazil.