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Roblox taps PubMatic to offer programmatic immersive video ads on its platform

Roblox taps PubMatic to offer programmatic immersive video ads on its platform

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, has announced a partnership with Roblox, a global immersive platform for communication and connection, to enable programmatic media buying of Roblox’s video advertising inventory when it becomes available later this year.

The partnership will allow more brands to seamlessly reach Roblox’s global community of over 71 million daily active users, nearly half of them representing the highly coveted Gen Z demographic, while Roblox will gain scaled access to premium brand advertising demand.

Since 2006, Roblox has built a global community with millions of creators and immersive experiences, from social hangouts and gaming, to concerts, sports, fashion shows, education, and entertainment.

With one of the most robust virtual economies in the world, the expansion of Roblox’s advertising business will enable seamless access to this community and allow brands to activate on the platform without creating custom-built content.

Like all advertising on Roblox, programmatic ads must comply with the platform’s Community Standards and Advertising Standards grounded in principles of making advertising safe, transparent, and respectful of people’s privacy while still creating opportunities for the community to innovate, engage and earn.

This also means Roblox users will know when they are interacting with ad content, and ads will continue to only be served to people ages 13 and up.

Stephanie Latham, VP of global partnerships, Roblox: “We are committed to making it easier for brands to foster connections with our highly engaged community on Roblox. Partnering with PubMatic unlocks the opportunity for more advertisers to seamlessly engage this community through preferred content formats, like video, while providing advertiser controls around brand suitability. The ad experience we offer on the platform is built to be immersive instead of disruptive, and true to the Roblox experience that our community of creators, users, and brands know and love.”

Kyle Dozeman, Chief Revenue Officer, Americas, PubMatic: “We are thrilled to partner with Roblox to deliver a pioneering advertising solution that marries monetization with user experience. Advertising creates significant opportunities for many companies, and it funds and fuels the endless potential of the internet. We look forward to empowering Roblox to maintain full control over its advertising ecosystem while enabling advertisers to reach their target audiences effectively.”

Immersive Video Ads Availability

Roblox immersive video ads are going through an alpha test and will become broadly available to advertisers on Roblox later this year. The video ads inventory will ultimately be made available to PubMatic buyers via programmatic guaranteed, private marketplaces (PMPs), auction package deals and open exchange to maximize access while ensuring unparalleled control and brand suitability.

This will enable the platform to tap into PubMatic’s vast demand, including supply path optimization deals with advertising agencies and premium brands.

The new partnership also complements PubMatic’s strength in connected TV, online video, mobile app and display with expansion into the social and native advertising segments.