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Forum3 unveils a new platform connecting brands with AI creators

Forum3 unveils a new platform connecting brands with AI creators

Forum3, a technology company that builds experiences for brands and consumers using emerging technologies, is announcing the launch of Hive3, a new platform that connects brands with generative AI creators to deliver innovative marketing assets.

Hive3 mobilizes a passionate community of creators and runs competitions to reimagine brand marketing and uncover future possibilities using AI.

Hive3 has been operating in beta mode since July 2023. To date, the platform has hosted 10 community-driven challenges, during which AI creators have competed to deliver the best creative work—from solar sneaks to a futuristic take on outdoor apparel—winning cash prizes and rewards from their favorite brands.

Adam Brotman, co-CEO, Forum3 and former Chief Digital Officer, Starbucks: "The new digital transformation playbook starts with brands understanding how to use AI, and the Forum3 team is uniquely positioned to guide brands as they navigate this technology, often for the first time. We look forward to partnering with forward-thinking brands like Crumbl Cookies to generate new types of creative output, activate a community of customers, and elevate brand marketing using AI."

To kick off Hive3's public launch, Crumbl Cookies, the fastest-growing dessert chain in the nation that drops new cookie flavors weekly through their rotating menu, will be tapping the Hive3 community to create a new, AI-powered twist on its advertising campaigns.

Mai Pham, EVP of Growth, Crumbl Cookies: "Crumbl Cookies has always sought to bring novel and creative ideas to our customers, from specialty flavors to our iconic pink packaging. The next frontier of marketing innovation is generative AI, and we look forward to being the first brand to partner with Hive3 on a challenge where top AI creators will leverage their skills to create an exciting new ad campaign for our brand."

Early creators that have signed on as Hive3 Ambassadors include Heather Cooper, Tatiana Tsiguleva, Nicolas Neubert, and Ben Myhre. These influential creators will play an active role in contributing to the Hive3 community through tutorials, events, judging, and participating in co-branded competitions. This will enable brands to leverage the power of top AI creative talent to ideate their marketing initiatives in entirely new ways.

Andy Sack, co-CEO, Forum3: :Hive3 is built around competitions because we believe that will attract the very best creative AI talent to our community. The top AI creators will be the ones to inspire and educate brands and community members about what is possible in the fast-evolving landscape of AI, and Hive3 will be the platform where it all comes together."