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Coca‑Cola showcases the power of sports in new Olympic Games campaign

Coca‑Cola showcases the power of sports in new Olympic Games campaign

Coca‑Cola believes “it’s magic when the world comes together” at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The brand recently unveiled an emotive, unifying campaign showcasing the power of sport to embrace our differences and foster cross-cultural connection as athletes and fans gear up for Paris 2024.

The most pure, universal gesture of acceptance and inclusion — a hug — serves as the creative centerpiece of the multi-channel campaign. A powerful brand film draws inspiration from iconic moments of coming together between competitors at past Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The story starts with a nod to Tokyo 2020, where swimmers Lilly King, Kaylene Corbett and Annie Lazor embraced Tatjana Schoenmaker after her world record-breaking 200-meter breaststroke performance. As the foursome embrace in a packed Paris 2024 arena, a lady in the crowd sipping a Coca‑Cola is inspired by the touching moment and feels compelled to do the same. She embraces a vendor in the stands, sparking a ripple effect around the stadium, the streets of Paris and the world.

Islam ElDessouky, Global Head of Creative Strategy and Content, Coca Cola Trademark: “Our differences are what make us unique, but when we come together, that’s when the ‘Real Magic’ happens. Sports rivals embrace differences as a mindset. Olympic athletes train hard for four years with the goal of winning the gold. So, when you see them hugging, it’s a truly powerful symbol of human connection.”

Schoenmaker: Olympic Games have “the power to unite us because we can all find something inspirational or something we can relate to in each athlete's story, whether it is a story of success or of disappointment.”

King: “It gives the world a chance to realize that no matter where we come from, we are all human. It is a true ‘love thy neighbor’ experience for everyone across the world.”

The campaign, which launched just days after Coca Cola was named Creative Brand of the Year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, also includes a distinctive can design featuring an illustration of one side of a hug.

When two cans are placed next to each other, they form an embrace. Coca Cola also collaborated with French artists — Laura Normand, Aurelia Durand and Bruno Mangyoku — to create three unique designs, which will be available exclusively in France. Out-of-home creative at metro stations and other prominent locations will bring the campaign’s visuals to life across the host city and country.

Dynamic digital content will help bring Paris 2024 to the world, with real-time hugs captured in Paris and shared through the brand’s social media channels.

ElDessouky: “Everybody chipped in and held hands to co-create this work, with inspiration from the campaign theme,” he said. “Getting to this point took a lot of input and TLC, which shows that our networked way of working is pretty much in our collective subconscious now. It’s second nature now for us to collaborate across geographies, teams and agency partners.”

As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Presenting Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay, The Coca Cola Company will refresh athletes, officials and fans with its diverse portfolio of beverages.